Can’t begin to tell ya how fucking happy we are to witness your expansion!


We KNOW how passionate you are - how much of a leader you are - how enthusiastic you are about sharing your gifts with the world!

AND… We also see how exhausted you are from trying to do it all, all of the time.

You’re trying to prove your worth through your work…relying on your coaches and/or clients to build your confidence… wasting so much of your precious energy trying to do things the “right” way…

Listen boo - we ain’t here to save you.

We’re here to GUIDE YOU HOME.

You have everything you need inside of you to become the most fucking bomb ass entrepreneur out there. It is you, and it’s always been you.

That higher version of you is just buried under layers and layers of bullshit marketing advice, cultural conditioning, and business/workplace trauma.

We’re here to guide you to UNLEARN all of that.

We created The Evolved Entrepreneur to help you step into the void that is required in order to rebuild and revive you current business. This course will help you regulate your nervous system as you navigate the new paradigm of business and entrepreneurship. 

This is your time to PIVOT and feel safe as you let the old die so the new can be birthed through your innate feminine wisdom.


We don’t teach business strategy.


Strategy is something you will organically figure out as you continue to move through your integration, harmonization, and expansion phases. 


Instead, we teach you how to discover your OWN strategy. We’ll guide you back HOME - to YOU - to your genetic blueprint - so you can develop your own kickass way of doing business that lights your soul on fire every fucking time you think about your work.

You believe that success is earned by:

Showing up every fucking day and slapping an inspirational smile on regardless of how you feel

Focusing on making the perfect offering “behind the scenes” and rewriting copy until you’re half dead

Wishing you could “clock out” or separate yourself from your business

Obsessing about brand colors, IG aesthetics, perfect Canva templates, etc.

Following toxic masculine marketing advice like: posting 3-5 reels/1-2 lives/1-2 carousels a week and sharing 10-15 IG stories daily, researching and obsessing over hashtags/the algorithm/posting times/analytics/gaining followers… (Why, hello there, Brock Johnson!)


Buying into unethical scarcity marketing: convincing clients to work with you (spending hours on free consultation calls, anyone?)

Marketing to your clients’ pain points (your client is a “former version of you”...right???????)

“Shoulding” on yourself daily and constantly comparing yourself to others in the coaching/healing space

Buying a coaching program/course/whatever because it’s promising to “save you” from your pain and problems

Codependency: not believing you are enough, so you rely on outside sources (especially business partners, coaches, and clients) to validate your work

Being secretive about pricing and investment exchanges with your audience

Dumbing down your messaging and your copy to “make sure your clients understand what you’re saying”

Focusing on managing your nervous system and prioritizing feeling good in your body and soul.

Tapping into how your client is going to feel when they step into your energy. What space are you creating to hold them?

Speaking to your clients’ higher selves…who are they destined to become once they unveil their own power?

Dancing with masculine and feminine energies… determining which masculine supports are right for you and when/how often.

Believing in your soul (and nervous system) that money is supposed to flow in AND out. It wants to move! Investing in your own healing sends a message to the universe that you’re ready to level up and receive massive abundance.

Allowing your feelings and your business to coexist. Start seeing your integration periods and your shadow seasons as your superpower...that’s the time when you can learn the most about yourself.

Charging an amount for your offering that feels nourishing for you AND for your clients.

Leading and living through your unique Human Design type and trusting yourself to look inward for answers you’re searching for.

Prioritizing rest and pleasure! The magic happens when you’re not forcing ideas.

Believing that you ARE your business and all experiences lead you to your next adventure.

It's Time to Step Into The Void with Confidence...

The Evolved Entrepreneur Self-Paced Course Content


Module 1: Welcome to the New Paradigm of Leadership

-Welcome the Death of your Current Business

-Your New Truth Getting off the Rollercoaster

-Deepen your Understanding of Masculine + Feminine Energetics

-The Masculine + Feminine Energetics of Selling


Module 2: Feminine Embodiment 

- Cycle Syncing your Business

-Your Womb Story 

-Embodiment Guest Keli Langner: Kundalini Yoga 

-Embodiment Guest Lainie Dent: Leadership Soulflow (TM) Session


Module 3: The Science of You

- Theory of Mind + The Nervous System 


-The Ego: Creating Consciousness

-Human Design: Energy Types + Strategies  


Module 4: Creating Awareness 

-Up-leveling: The 4 lists 

-The Beauty of Duality 

-Attachment Styles 


-Jealousy as a Portal to Success

-The Phases of Manifestation 

-Healing Money Stories + Identities 

-Embodiment Guest Jessica Catras: Dopamine Detox


Module 5: Pushing your Growth Edge 

-The Oil Field vs. The Gold Mine

-Embodiment + Healing through Human Design


Module 6: Healing Modalities 

-Deepest Fear Inventory Prompt

-Deepest Fear Inventory: Part 2 (Subconscious Muscle Testing + Release through EFT)

-Consciously Healing Masculine + Feminine Energetics

-Your Womb Story Meditation + Somatic Release

-Embodiment Guest Kacie Salas: Breathwork Session

-Embodiment Guest Kiera Walsh: Emotional Release Session

-Nervous System Regulation: Box Breathing 

-Dopamine Detox EFT Process by Jessica Catras




This self-guided ZOOM FREE COURSE will guide you to heal your biz trauma wounds so you can fucking kill it without killing yourself.

Get fucking pumped!




This self-guided ZOOM FREE COURSE will guide you to heal your biz trauma wounds so you can fucking kill it without killing yourself.

Get fucking pumped!