It's time to unlock your innate feminine wisdom by embodying your unique Human Design so you can master the art of being in flow with the quantum field and your higher self. 







The most common feedback we hear

from our clients when they first start working with us is that they are so passionate about their healing journey, but they just can’t seem to find a true sense of flow when it comes to balancing life's experiences...

“I am looking to realign my passions and learn how to make my work feel more fulfilling and less resistance. Just overall looking to help myself with more balance! .”


“I'd love to gain more clarity in life and learn why I’m so scattered and unmotivated in certain areas.”


“I want to quit down playing my strengths and abilities!”


“I want to specifically focus on business and life balance. But more than that, I feel that I’m struggling to show up authentically because I don’t know my Human Design and I’m relapsing into old programming." 


"I want to enjoy motherhood as well as business. I want to understand myself so my poor husband who has been on the rollercoaster can understand me better."


"I want to gain clarity in every area of my life, LOL! ;-) I feel like I need clarity both professionally and personally. Starting my own business in 2020 has brought many of my issues to light: perfectionism, procrastination, imposter syndrome, poor mental health, past trauma and more."

A 10-month membership

designed to help EXPAND your awakening and DEEPEN your connection with yourself so you can CALL IN more of what you desire. 

We are going to be diving DEEP into the intricacies of your Human Design so you can experience a hell of a lot more satisfaction, success, peace, and surprise in your life.


The Woke Wisdom Academy includes:  

  • Pre-recorded HD deep dive lessons
    • Uploaded monthly (June 2022 - April 2023)

  • Dripped monthly deconditioning processes including a combination of:
    • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP timeline therapy)
    • EFT Tapping
    • Hypnosis
    • Breathwork
    • Kundalini Yoga
    • Journal prompts
    • and more! 
  • Access to our group connection thread




This self-guided container will include a LIVE virtual component!

Once a month, we'll join together via Zoom to integrate all you've been learning and working through. You'll have the opportunity to experience LIVE and IN PERSON hot seat coaching from both Jenna AND Lauren!


With other personality tests

like Enneagram, Meyers-Briggs, etc., your conditioning plays a role in how you answer the questions. As a result, you can end up with an Enneagram type that isn’t *actually* an authentic reflection of YOU...It’s just a reflection of your conditioned state. 😱


With Human Design, it’s based on genetics + science. Your chart provides an accurate representation of who you are at your core -  before you were conditioned by the world. During the Woke Wisdom Academy, we'll use your chart like a map to show you where you need to decondition to reveal your true wisdom so you can serve humanity in your true state of being.


YES! I want this!

Here’s our wisdom that we will be bringing to you...

When you’re operating through the conditioning of your open centers, you cannot reach your full magical + unique potential. 

Energetic balances are simple.

When you operate from the wisdom of your open centers, you'll CALL IN experiences from the quantum field. But you can’t attract the flow you are desiring if your open centers are clouded with conditioning that is absolutely NOT serving you anymore...


We're going to help you get in flow by guiding you through the deconditioning process of all 9 energy centers.

Before you can bring any type of Human Design components to your life, you have to PERSONALLY work through the de-conditioning within your open centers so that you truly understand the power of the wisdom that lies within and find the balance + flow you desire.

You could literally Google everything you could ever want to know about Human Design right now - energy types, Gene Keys, defined vs. undefined, gates, profiles, centers, channels… you can literally learn it all from Google.

HOWEVER...’re NOT gonna get the embodiment piece from Google! You can read about every aspect of Human Design and still be operating under your conditioning...

Head - 

  • Operating from your Wisdom - Knowing what questions are worth answering + spending your energy on.
  • Operating from your Conditioning - Feeling like it’s your duty to answer every question that comes your way and often over-explaining.
  • Limiting beliefs we'll clear: 
    • I am easily overwhelmed by new ideas and insights. 
    • I am easily swayed by other people's opinions.
    • I put others' ideas above my own.
    • When I experience confusion, I try to fix it or make it go away.
    • Self-doubt tends to consume me. 
    • I have a hard time trusting the unknown. I want to have all the answers!
    • I tend to avoid conversations that are intellectually stimulating because I often don't know what to talk about. 
    • Mental pressure stresses me out.
    • If I don't have the answers, I'm quick to find someone who will.
    • I'm constantly searching for something inspiring.


Ajna - 

  • Operating from your Wisdom - Feeling at peace with being uncertain and allowing your beliefs to change and shift as you grow and evolve. You’re comfortable "living in the gray" area. 
  • Operating from your Conditioning - Constantly searching for the “thing” that makes you feel the most certain. 
  • Limiting beliefs we'll clear: 
    • I don’t want to share my ideas because I am afraid to look stupid.
    • I have to be certain. 
    • I can never shut my mind off.
    • When I have a new idea, I have to make it a reality.
    • If I share my ideas, people will think I’m weird. 
    • I don’t like it when my ideas are challenged.
    • I have to figure out what to do with my life.
    • I’m afraid I’ll run out of ideas.
    • I’m worried I’ll never find order in my life and I’ll always be in chaos.
    • I’m deeply afraid of rejection. 


Throat -

  • Operating from your Wisdom - Truly trusting that your aura will speak before you do. Trusting what comes out of your mouth at all times. Speaking your truth confidently, and trusting that it’s impactful when you do. 
  • Operating from your Conditioning - Rambling and over-explaining OR never speaking your truth, and feeling the need to fill space when it’s quiet because silence makes you uncomfortable.
  • Limiting beliefs we'll clear: 
    • It’s not safe to speak my truth.
    • My opinions don’t matter.
    • No one notices me.
    • I have to prove myself through my words.
    • I have to be in control of the words that come out of my mouth.
    • I’ll earn love if I say the right thing to the right person.
    • I’ll earn attention if I say the right thing to the right person.
    • I’ll earn respect if I say the right thing to the right person.
    • I have to fill the silence with my voice.
    • What comes out of my mouth must be perfect. It’s important to rehearse my words so I don’t mess anything up. 


G Center - 

  • Operating from your Wisdom - Naturally bringing out different versions of yourself depending on who (and what) you’re around.
  • Operating from your Conditioning - Feeling as if it's wrong to change identities, and feeling the pressure to stick with the same thing/the patriarchal version of get a job, do the same thing until you’re 70 and then retire…
  • Limiting beliefs we'll clear: 
    • I don’t really know who I am, and I tend to look for those answers outside of myself.
    • I don’t trust my direction in life. 
    • I don’t know where to go to find my path/purpose.
    • I stress about what I’m going to do with my life. 
    • I feel lost.
    • I struggle to fully express myself creatively.
    • I tend to stay in relationships because they give me a sense of who I am.
    • I’m constantly searching for love and connection. 
    • My current work environment brings me peace and comfort.
    • My current home environment brings me peace and comfort.


Spleen - 

  • Operating from your Wisdom - Connecting to your body and sensing what’s healthy and what’s not…in terms of people, food, exercise, business, etc. Knowing when to slow down and take your time and resist the urge to do things out of fear. Facing your fears head on instead of running from them. 
  • Operating from your Conditioning - Letting fear control your decisions and actions. 
  • Limiting beliefs we'll clear: 
    • I feel insecure and fearful when I think about taking action toward my goals.
    • I’m afraid to feel inadequate.
    • I’m afraid to fail. 
    • I feel safer when I have less responsibilities/things that fall on me.
    • I struggle with accepting criticism.
    • How I act and what I do determines how loved I am by other people.
    • It’s not safe to take risks.
    • I worry that my past defines me.
    • I tend to focus on things that could go wrong instead of what could go right.
    • I’m afraid of what the future will bring, so I tend to hold back.


Solar Plexus - 

  • Operating from your Wisdom - Speaking your truth without worrying about upsetting someone else’s emotional wave, not making decisions in heightened emotional states, and setting boundaries. 
  • Operating from your Conditioning - People pleasing... By self-sacrificing, you’re able to keep the peace and avoid experiencing others’ emotional waves. (This includes having super weak boundaries.)
  • Limiting beliefs we'll clear: 
    • I often feel like something is wrong with me emotionally.
    • I believe that I’m too emotional. 
    • Confrontation makes me nervous and uncomfortable. 
    • I choose my words carefully so I don’t upset others. 
    • I relate to being a “people pleaser”.
    • It’s important to me that I’m well-liked by everyone. 
    • I deeply fear rejection. 
    • I often keep my truth to myself so I don’t hurt others’ feelings. 
    • When I really think about it, I feel like I’m living my life on a superficial level.
    • I have a fear of intimacy when it comes to revealing who I really am and letting people truly see me. 


Ego - 

  • Operating from your Wisdom - Leaning into the power of feeling unmotivated - you don’t have to “keep up” with the Joneses. Believing that things are allowed to be easy and flow!
  • Operating from your Conditioning - Having a constant need to prove yourself, and constantly making things harder than they need to be. 
  • Limiting beliefs we'll clear: 
    • I have to be in control.
    • I have to be brave. 
    • I have to prove myself. 
    • I have to be loyal so others see how valuable I am.
    • If I say the right thing and act the right way, others will see how wonderful I am. 
    • If I show how trustworthy I am, I will be well-liked. 
    • They think I CAN do this, so I better prove that I can! 
    • They think I CAN’T do this, so I better prove that I can! 
    • If I am in control, I can prove my worth.
    • I’m not a good wife, lover, mother, friend, worker, coach, etc. unless I prove it.  


Sacral - 

  • Operating from your Wisdom - Knowing when enough is enough, and trusting in divine timing.
  • Operating from your Conditioning - Being afraid that things aren’t coming for you, overthinking and overworking in order to “beat the system."
  • Limiting beliefs we'll clear: 
    • If I don’t say yes, I might miss out on something. 
    • I need to keep working until it’s done regardless of how I’m feeling. 
    • I can keep going…just let me get a cup of coffee!
    • I don’t want to take a break or nap - there’s too much to do!
    • I can take care of that for them, sure.
    • Boundaries? What boundaries?
    • If you want it done right, you’d better do it yourself!
    • Sure, I’m doing all of the work, but someone has to do it.
    • Consistent means DAILY.
    • I’m always busy with work or family and don’t know when to quit.  


Root - 

  • Operating from your Wisdom - Doing life on your own terms and dancing to your own rhythm! Deciphering between others’ stress and your own stress, and not allowing others’ stress to “motivate” you into productivity. Operating quickly and efficiently, and guiding others to pace things in a way that protects their energy.
  • Operating from your Conditioning - Stressing yourself out when you procrastinate, and constantly feeling stressful pressure around deadlines, and/or constantly putting deadlines on yourself that aren’t serving you.
  • Limiting beliefs we'll clear: 
    • I feel constant pressure to achieve something in my life.
    • I need to be needed.
    • Being constantly busy is honorable.
    • Resting and taking a break means I am lazy.
    • If I hurry and get ________ done, I’ll relieve the pressure from myself.
    • I tend to experience panic attacks or extreme anxiety at times.
    • Stress is a negative motivator in my life and I do my best to avoid it.
    • I put pressure on myself to constantly improve myself and make my life better.
    • I struggle to find my purpose in life.
    • If I’m going to do it, I have to do it perfectly. 
Sign me up!!

WHY the Woke Wisdom Academy?

When we first started our business together, we SUBCONSCIOUSLY  took all of the conditioned “shoulds” from our childhood, teaching careers, and our MLM days and carried them over into entrepreneurship.

AND - it worked!!

For awhile…and also, depending on your definition of “worked.” 

We made 6 figures our first year in business! 

But…...While we had some incredible highs that first year, it felt like we were constantly chasing our “self-themes” in Human Design of satisfaction and success. We were honestly experiencing more of our “not-self themes” - frustration and bitterness - because we were trapped in the constant hustle + grind as we worked to prove ourselves.

And then, when we gave birth to our babies within 8 weeks of each other, we each went through our own awakening process, looked at our business and thought: “we can’t keep doing this to ourselves.”


Not only did we have newborns at home, but we were also consciously choosing to burn down our business model at the same time.

AND - it was the best fucking decision we’ve ever made, because it threw us head first into what we like to call “The Void,” and it gave us the space we needed to get to know our true selves again.

Embodying our unique Human Designs has been one incredible tool along our healing journeys, because it’s given us permission to BE US!

It gave Jenna permission to lean into the things that actually EXCITE HER without feeling the fear of doing it wrong or letting others down.

It gave Lauren permission to stop hustling and trying to operate like a generator.

It’s proven time and time again that when she turns inward and hones her own skills, her leadership shines.

We finally get to run this business OUR WAY and only do what feels right for us. When we do that, we step into our true unique leadership roles, and we make a bombass powerhouse of a team!

THIS is what we want for you, too. 

We want you to throw out the hypothetical rule book that you’ve been living your life AND RUNNING YOUR BIZ by. There is no rule book. There’s only YOU. It’s always been you…and now, it’s time to get to know yourself so fucking well that you never second guess your true leadership abilities again.

People work with generators to be expanded. 


People work with projectors to be guided. 





Come home to yourself - Embody your Human Design


Give yourself permission to lean into your true identity


Your embodied leadership is magnetic

10 Month Membership Exchange



  • Pre-recorded Human Design deep dive lessons
  • Monthly deconditioning processes
  • Access to our group connection thread
  • BONUS: Monthly LIVE integration calls

Pay in Full



  • Pre-recorded Human Design deep dive lessons
  • Monthly deconditioning processes
  • Access to our group connection thread
  • BONUS: Monthly LIVE integration calls



Whenever we create any programs, courses, memberships, etc. we always make sure our containers are spacious and give our clients plenty of room for integration.


We know how much you value the integration and harmonization phases of your journey, just as much if not more, than your expansion.


When you are ready to step into our energy, we promise to always honor your journey with plenty of openness and juicy SPACE!


Whenever we create any programs, courses, memberships, etc. we always make sure our containers are spacious and give our clients  plenty of room for integration.


We know how much you value the integration and harmonization phases of your journey, just as much if not more, than your expansion.


When you are ready to step into our energy we promise to always honor your journey with plenty of openness and juicy SPACE!


Good morning everybody sooo I had a really cool moment last night and I just wanted to share with the group and let Lauren and Jenna know how profoundly awesome this content is in WOKE WISDOM!

Here is what I realized…

I need to focus on where my heart is right now and with my newfound manifestor knowledge, I decided to make a pivot and then last night I had this incredible A-ha moment…

I have been praying to the universe to help me figure out what I want to do next and where to put my time and my energy, and how to share my story with others.

I was laying in bed with my daughter and I just had this insane information download so I went into my room and wrote 7 pages, and it was just pouring information as far as content to put on my platforms and what I want to talk about.

It’s really insane because the day before I wrote in my journal about my current low vibe story, which is all about how my long covid has tapped me of my energy and that I'm unhealthy. I wrote that I am determined to see this with love and I surrendered to the story, and I’m letting the universe just do her thing! 

I want to feel at peace and healthy with my body, my mind, my home, and with my work.

I finally just surrendered, and like a day later I had this crazy business plan! 

I have the direction that I want to head in, and where I want to focus my time, and a lot of my content creation for my Instagram.

What started with reaching out to Jenna and Lauren and then enrolling in The Woke Wisdom Academy, I began to start shedding all the things that are no longer serving me!

In just a few weeks I literally had an aha moment where I had ideas and excitement and what feels like constant streaming thoughts of how to start living my most healing and fulfilling life!

I just wanted to share that I'm super excited to have our face-to-face meeting next week! I'm just so excited to keep going so thank you! 

-Jenny Jackson 


I am learning to think and digest situations before reacting, I'm letting my brain and gut respond and not my emotions.

- E.


Honestly, my biggest takeaway from today was hearing how my aura brings people in and hearing about my marketing profile.

And looking at this hurt I have from feeling like I only have relationships with people because I help them, from this new perspective and see what comes up next.

This call was exactly what I needed today!

- Rachel


My Human Design reading was absolutely AH-MAZING. I can’t stop thinking about all the things I learned. 

I think the greatest thing it gave me was permission to be myself. Permission to know why I work the way that I do - and to stop trying to fight myself to be something I am not. 

I am thankful for both Jenna and Lauren for the space and time to really dive into the deep of what makes me me and help me start to embrace what’s going to make me the best version of myself. 

- Alex Hart